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Outdoor Pizza Ovens (109 Items)

Outdoor Pizza Ovens & Accessories: What to Look For

Having an outdoor pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen or patio space is a growing trend. Outdoor pizza ovens have gained popularity thanks to their quick cook times, cooking versatility, and ease of use. A pizza oven also allows you to put a twist on classic BBQ by treating your friends and family to piping-hot pizza made right in your own backyard. There's nothing like having your own pizzeria just steps away especially if youi've got a few homemade pizza recipes up your sleeve!

If you're looking to add an outdoor kitchen pizza oven, we offer the largest selection of Built-In Pizza Ovens, Freestanding pizza ovens, and Portable pizza ovens. Some of our most popular brands are Lynx, Alfresco, Fontana Forni, Forno Venetzia, and Uuni.

Below are a few tips we've put together to help you get started on journey to finding the best outdoor pizza oven for you.

1. Fuel Type: Wood Burning vs. Gas Pizza Ovens

The two most common pizza oven fuel types available are wood-burning and gas. Wood-burning pizza ovens use hardwoods or even flavored hardwood pellets that deliver a rich, smoky flavor to your food. Wood-burning ovens are known for reaching temperatures up to 800 degrees, that deliver that authentic wood-fired crust on your pizza.

Gas pizza ovens are easy to operate and very convenient. Just turn-them on, let the oven preheat, and you'll be ready to cook in no time. If you're planning to install a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen, a natural gas line can be plumbed to your built-in pizza oven as a very economic fuel source that is hassle free.

2. Pizza Oven Materials & Construction:

When shopping for an outdoor kitchen pizza oven, there are a couple things to consider to ensure your pizza oven will last for many years to come. All pizza ovens feature some sort of dome shaped ceiling. This helps direct and spread the heat evenly across the pizza stone in your oven. It is important that your pizza oven's dome and hearth are fully insulated to allow higher temperatures to be reached and maintained. This will help in cooking your pizza faster, which is great when cooking multiple pizzas for several guest.

The materials used probably play the most important factor when looking for longevity in the life of an outdoor pizza oven. High-grade stainless steel, such as 304, will hold up best to the outdoor elements, while also withstanding the constant extreme heat inside the pizza oven.

3. Pizza Oven Size:

Outdoor pizza ovens come is all sizes, from small portable ovens that cook one pizza at a time, to larger ovens that can cook multiple pizza at once. When looking for a pizza oven, think about how you will be using your pizza oven. Will you be typically cooking for a small family, or will you be cooking for large gatherings and parties in your backyard? For those who love to travel, tailgate, or camp, a portable pizza oven is a great option to get fresh-baked pizza anywhere.