The Skinny:
Affordable priced entry-level grill; great flame-taming system eliminates most flare-ups; several stylish finishes and colors to choose from; outstanding service & warranty.

Things To Love:
The Weber Genesis gas grill line is basic, user-friendly, and affordable. While the Genesis line is solid built, it really doesn't have a lot of features that will wow you.

The burners, which are the workhorse of any gas grill, are made with welded tubes of stainless steel. The Genesis grill line is more affordable due to several of the components, such as the cooking grids, grease tray, and heat deflectors being made with porcelain-coated enamel. The hood and grill body is either enamel or stainless depending the grill's finish.

Weber E-330 grills have a sear station with a dedicated stainless steel burner. While it won't get as hot as a ceramic infrared, it's nice because you can turn down the heat, which you can't do on a ceramic (using an infrared searing burner for anything other than searing can be challenging). The E-330 also has a built-in side burner on the cart which comes in handy if you need to warm up a side dish.

For minimizing flare-ups, Weber uses flavorizer bars, which are triangular-shaped pieces of stainless or porcelain enamel (depending on the grill model/finish) directly above the burners. They shield the burners by catching drippings and turning them to smoke, adding flavor to your food. Weber pioneered the flavorizer bar system, and many other brands have copied them on their grills.

With over 50 years in business, Weber customer service is as good as it gets. They have a 25 year warranty on the grill body and a 10 year warranty on the burners. They have reputable service and quickly handle any service or replacement part situations.

Things To Consider:
The Weber Genesis is designed for an affordable price point, so there are some areas where lower quality materials had to be used to keep price low. The porcelain-enamel cooking grates found on the Genesis aren't as rugged as the stainless grates found on the Genesis Premium or Weber Summit, and will require a little more care to protect them. It's possible for porcelain coatings to chip and expose the bare metal underneath. Once that happens, the cooking grate could possibly rust.

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