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myLists User Guide | Tips, FAQs and Answers

A simple help guide for getting started and making the most of the new myLists feature

First Steps

To use the myList feature, you must establish an account on any website. Please note that you must provide your full information to personalize your Lists.

Sign Up
  1. Choose "Login" from the top menu.
  2. If you have an account, Login with your existing credentials.
  3. If you do NOT already have an account, choose the "Sign Up Now" option, or click here for the full form

There are 2 ways to Create a New List.

  1. From Your List Management Portal
    • Navigate to the List management section and create a new list
    • Naturally, since there are no items yet in the list, there will not be a representative thumbnail image
    • You can enter as many lists as you'd like
    • Each list will be available as an option once you began to choose items to organize in the lists
  2. From the "Select A List" drop down menu
    • Whenever you discover a new item on our site, simply click "Add to Wish List" to access a dialog box
    • Then, choose "Create a List" from the menu to add a new list on the fly
    • The product is now added to the new list

Adding Items/Products to your Lists

  1. When you are logged in, you will see "Add to Wish List" under the orange Add to Cart button.
    Note, if you do not see this option, make sure you are logged in or REFRESH the page
  2. Click "Add to Wish List" to place the item in a specific list and add notes about the product.
  3. You'll find a drop-down menu with all your lists (both public and private), so choose the right list for the product
  4. Enter in some details in the notes section to help keep everything organized. (optional)
  5. Click "Add to List" and you'll see a confirmation box pop up for a second or two
  6. You can also repeat the process to add the same product to another list

A Side-note About Adding Notes

Your lists will often contain many similar items, so a few details will help keep everything better organized. Consider the notes to be a reminder to what inspired you to choose it in the first place. And remember, if your lists are set to Public, other users may consider your comments to be invaluable insight!

Managing myLists

When logged in, all of your public and private lists are accessible through the portal at You can also get to this private management page by choosing "myLists" under the top menu.

(While on this page, if you do not see your name beside the title of your list, OR you see "Anonymous", you should provide your account information to personalize your lists and account)

  1. Click on the list you'd like to edit or manage
  2. You'll see all the items contained in the list, plus a few handy admin tools
    • Make List Public: By selecting this option, your list will be viewable by other users. Plus, if it fits certain parameters, it will also be accessible on the Trending Lists page
    • Edit List Title: Simply click the link to rename the list
    • Delete List: Obviously, this will delete the entire list
    • Delete Items in the List: Just click the "X" to remove an item from the list

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