• Primo Kamado Ceramic Grills Made in the USA

    Made in the USA

    Primo products are hand-made and carefully inspected for quality in their Atlanta, GA based factory. With their product being made in the USA, this eliminates concerns about having access to parts and service. Primo is known for their sensational level of customer service!

  • Primo Oval Ceramic Kamado The Oval Shape

    The Oval Shape

    While the Big Green Egg and most other ceramic grills are round, the oval shape is unique to the Primo. This shape allows for versatility in the types of foods that can be cooked at ease on the grill. With up to 680 square inches of available space, the Primo Oval XL boasts the largest, multi-tiered cooking surface on the ceramic cooker market today! You can easily cook tenderloin, racks of ribs, roast and other favorites without worrying about the food fitting on the cooking surface.

  • Primo Extended Cooking Racks

    Extended Cooking Racks

    The optional extended cooking racks not only expand the overall capacity they also allow for four independent cooking zones! These racks offer the ability to cook a variety of foods like veggies, potatoes, ribs, burgers and fish all at the same time.

  • Primo Firebox Divider

    Firebox Divider

    The firebox divider can be used for simultaneous direct and indirect cooking or as a partition to divide the grill for smaller meals. This allows for grilling and smoking at the same time. You can also partition the grill to conserve on fuel. Big Green Egg doesn't offer this product!

  • Primo Kamado Ceramic Grill Has The Tallest Lid

    The Tallest Lid

    Why does a taller lid matter? Primo has a taller lid that allows for more flexibility in what you can put on the grill. The taller lid is an advantage for cooking with rib racks, chicken racks, or an extra rack for large cuts!

  • Primo Bottom Line The Best Kamado Ceramic Grill

    The Bottom line

    In our opinion, there really is no comparison. The Primo Oval XL offers much more cooking flexibility and versatility than the Big Green Egg. But, if you would like to know more about how Primo compares to Big Green Egg and other brands, take a look at our Kamado Comparison Chart. We've compiled all the features & specs of the top kamado grills for you to compare side-by-side.