The Skinny:
The original wood-fired pellet grill brand; dual probe meat thermometers (Pro Series only); fully-enclosed storage cart; large capacity hopper; convenient grease management system; stainless steel shelves.

Things To Love:
Traeger Select pellet grills are user-friendly, affordable and attractive, bringing a classic grill design to a pellet grill. The Select body and hood is made of cold-rolled, powder coated steel, and also features stainless steel shelving and trim. The Select is offered in two series, Pro and Elite.

The hopper is able to hold up to 18 pounds of pellets, which will allow you to grill and smoke longer than you'll probably ever need to. Located on the hopper, is the digital control panel, featuring a bright blue LED display and simple temperature control knob. The auto-start system allows to simply flip the power button to “on”, set the dial to your desired temperature, and walk away.

Utilizing the classic gas grill design and exhaust, this grill tends to spread heat more evenly across the grilling surface than barrel style pellet grills, making for less hot and cold spots. On top of that, the stainless steel trim and stamped Traeger logo, colored hood make this grill one of the best-looking pellet grills on the market.

While the Select Pro and Elite series look like the same grill, the Select Pro offers a few upgrades, and since they're the same price, I really recommend the Pro every time. First, the Select Pro includes a removable warming rack, giving you a much more generous grilling area, with 806 square inches of porcelain coated grilling grates. The Select Pro comes with a built-in dual-probe thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature of two different types of meat at once on the grill. Inside the grill, the temperature is constantly monitored by Traeger's best controller that keeps the set cooking temperature within +/- 15 degrees at all times while cooking.

Things To Consider:
While Traeger will definitely get the job done when it comes to cooking, their grills maximum temperature is 450 degrees, while other brands can get as high as 700 degrees.

You'll Like This Grill If:
You want that trusted Traeger name and like the gas grill styling over the old barrel smoker look.