The Skinny:
The original wood-fired pellet grill brand; excellent value for the price; design gives you more grilling space; dual probe meat thermometers; convenient grease management system.

Things To Love:
Designed after traditional offset wood smokers, Traeger Pro Series pellet grills and smokers feature a barrel design, side hopper and smoke stack that gives this grill a classic look. Pro Series grills are available in two sizes, 34-inch and 22-inch, and their barrel design maximizes cooking space, giving you the ability to cook large amounts of food at once.

The Pro Series adds a removable warming rack and easy, clean-out hopper, allowing you to change pellet flavors while cooking. Probably the best feature, the Pro Series gives you built-in, dual-probe thermometers, allowing you to monitor the temperature of two different meats at once on the grill. Inside the grill, the temperature is constantly monitored by Traeger's best controller yet, that keeps the set cooking temperature within +/- 15 degrees at all times.

Traeger Pro is offered in blue or bronze colors, and features a great looking logo-stamped lid. The grill has an easy-to-use thermostat with auto-start, that allows you to simply power up the grill, set the dial to your desired temperature and walk away. The blue LED display allows you to easily read and monitor the temperature while cooking. The grills saw-horse design and all terrain wheels adds durability and toughness to grill.

Traeger offers several great grill accessories as well that will allow you to customize your pellet grill for added versatility. Some of their most popular accessories are the folding front shelves and bottom cart shelves and cold smoker. Traeger also offers some pretty cool grilling tools like digital thermometers, chicken thrones, grill racks, and pizza kit.

Things To Consider:
While Traeger will definitely get the job done when it comes to cooking, their grills maximum temperature is 450 degrees, while other brands can get as high as 700 degrees.

You'll Like This Grill If:
You want the best-selling wood fired pellet grill from Traeger, the biggest name in the pellet grill industry.