The Skinny:

  • Basic all stainless grill without extras that drive up the price
  • No ceramics or electronics make it great for apartment or condo common areas

Things We Love:

The Fire Magic Choice gas grill is a great value, considering it’s made with quality stainless steel and powerful burners. Fire Magic produces some of the finest grills money can buy, and this grill is a great example of their craftsmanship. The 304 grade stainless steel hood is double lined with beautiful polished edges and looks really sharp.

The Choice comes with “u-shaped” stainless steel tube burners. Like all other Fire Magic grills, these burners create different heat zones across the grilling surface. The burners have versatile cooking performance, working equally well at high and low temperatures. Underneath the stainless cooking grids are the stainless steel flavor grids, made of 16-gauge stainless steel with perforations that help protect the burners and reduce flare-ups.

Fire Magic also delivers with a great warranty. The stainless cooking grids and housing has a lifetime warranty. Meanwhile, the burners have a 20 year warranty, and other components vary in length. The bottom line is Fire Magic is a reputable company that builds quality products, and our customers who buy Fire Magic report very few problems back to us.

The fact that these Choice grills are actually backed by a strong multi-user warranty, and that you can get them built-in or on a post, make them an excellent choice for these installations. The multi-user warranty is 5 years on housing, burners, grates, valves, inner liner, manifold and 1 year on all other components.

Things To Consider:

The grill is designed with heat zones, which provide a hot zone across the back, while the front corner zones are slightly cooler. This is something to consider if you are looking for a grill with an even heat cooking surface, however, some customers like this feature and use it to shift food around on the grill. This grill is basic and as such, it lacks many of the extra features found on similarly priced grills.

You'll Like This Grill If:

If you want a basic, all stainless, American made grill with a good warranty made by a great company.