The Skinny:

  • An innovative powerhouse
  • Patented CrossFlame radiant cooking system
  • Practical features make grilling a breeze
  • Made in the USA

Things We Love:

The Caliber CrossFlame Pro delivers innovation, power, and performance. This doesn't come as much of a surprise since Caliber's founder Randy Rummel has an extensive history of delivering innovation to outdoor cooking. Some know him as the founder of Dynamic Cooking Systems, where he expertly combined his experience in restaurant cooking equipment with residental ranges and grills. Recently he brought that expertise to Caliber Range Corporation, where his innovative designs shine.

The CrossFlame Pro features Caliber's patented CrossFlame radiant system and their patented CrossFlame cast brass burners. You'll find the extreme heat that originates at the CrossFlame cast brass burner is spread so evenly across the cooking grids, it makes for a wonderful, strong, and consistent cooking surface. CrossFlame Pro also features an infrared searing burner, which can easily soar to high temperatures. Crank up your infrared searing burner and throw some steaks on while you turn your cast brass burners to low for a nice, even heat where you can cook your your vegetables. CrossFlame Pro provides all the versatility you need for a great meal.

Not only will you find Caliber's innovation within its impressive cooking system, but the stylish design also helps it stick out from the rest. The CrossFlame Pro features a seamlessly welded concave lid and amber LED lights. These features make for a really sharp look. The grill includes a stainless steel handle, however an optional Brazillian cherry wood handle insert is available for more elegant styling.

CrossFlame Pro's innovation doesn't stop there. The grill has some extremely handy features that I found super useful while grilling. The spring assist lid makes for a soft lid close, and the knob lights indicate when a burner is on, so that you'll never accidentally leave the grill on again. The CrossFlame Pro's separate removable interior drip pan makes cleaning a breeze. The grill also features a slide out bull nose control panel, where you can rest a plate or pan on it instead of only having the option of side shelves. There's also a separate storage area for your warming rack, which helps provide extreme ease while grilling. The grill also features internal and external halogen lights to light up your nighttime grilling.

The Caliber CrossFlame Pro is offered in two sizes, a 42-inch model and a 60-inch model. The 60-inch model features the same size grill, but includes a built in double side burner.

Things To Consider:

The 42-inch CrossFlame Pro's cooking surface is only 36 inches wide, which means it has a smaller cooking surface than other 42-inch grills on the market.

You'll Like This Grill If:

You want to experience innovation and luxury within a stylish, practical gas grill that's made in the USA.