Advantages of Wood Fire Pellet Grills

What is a Pellet Grill?

Quick Answer: The easiest way to get great smoked BBQ flavor

If you love the taste of slow cooked smoked meats but hate to babysit a charcoal smoker for hours on end, then a pellet grill might be perfect for you. Pellet grills and smokers are the newest edition to the world of BBQ and use a special fuel called wood pellets. BBQ pellets are made from compressed hardwood sawdust and are available in a wide range of wood flavors. The pellets are fed into the grill's fire pot via an electric auger, which supplies only the amount of pellets necessary to heat the grill to your desired temperature. No more babysitting, adding fuel or adjusting air vents to keep your temperature stable. Simply set your temperature, press start, and let your pellet smoker do the work for you.

Benefits of Pellet Grills

  • Pellet Grills Ignite Easily

    Effortless Ignition

    Simply prime the fire pot and ignite the grill with the touch of a button! The controller will take care of the rest.

  • Pellet Grills Deliver Even Heat

    Even Heat

    Pellet grills act as an oven or smoke chamber, providing perfectly even heat through every inch of the grill.

  • Pellet Grills Have WiFi & Bluetooth Connectivity

    Wireless Connectivity

    Many pellet grills connect to a phone app via bluetooth or WiFi letting you control the grill from your smart phone.

  • Pellet Grills Create Amazing Smoke Flavor

    Amazing Smoke Flavor

    BBQ pellets come in a wide variety of flavors like pecan, hickory or cherry. Mix different pellets for even more unique flavor combinations.

  • Pellet Grills Are Easy To Use

    Easy to Use

    Pellet grills are the easiest grills to use, by far. Some pellet smokers can be pre-programmed with entire smoking cycles.

  • Pellet Grills Don't Cause Flare-Ups

    Forget Flare Ups

    Because there is no flame directly under the food, there is nothing to flare up; just perfectly even heating.

  • Pellet Grills Provide Consistent Results

    Unbelievable Consistency

    Pellet Grills monitor temperature constantly, automatically adding pellets as needed to keep the heat exactly where it should be.

  • Gas Grills are Stylish

    Wide Temperature Range

    Pellet grills allow you to cook low and slow or hot and fast. Some are even capable of cold smoking cheese, fish and more.

How do Pellet Grills Work?

Pellet grills cook through a simple process: fuel in the form of pellets is stored inside a hopper. An auger spins to move the necessary amount of pellets from the hopper into the fire pot. A hot rod igniter ignites the pellets which smoke and create heat. That heat moves around inside the grill in the same way as your kitchen's convection oven. The final result is incredible, slow-smoked BBQ that will absorb the taste of your favorite wood smoke flavor while remaining juicy and tender.

  • The Pellet Hopper

    The hopper holds hardwood pellets waiting to be fed into your grill’s fire pot. BBQ-grade wood pellets come in a wide variety of flavors, such as pecan, hickory, mesquite, cherry, apple, maple and more. You can also mix and match pellet flavors to create unique flavor profiles. Some pellet grill brands, like Traeger and Camp Chef, offer hopper clean-out doors to let you quickly change the flavor of pellets on the fly. Most Pellet hoppers are located on the side of your pellet grill, but some brands move the location for convenience or design, like the front-loading hidden pellet hopper of the Twin Eagles pellet grill.

  • The Auger & Fire Pot

    The auger is a metal rod with a rotating screw blade, connecting the bottom of your grill's pellet hopper to the fire pot. An electric motor turns the auger, moving the wood pellets down the length of the auger tube and into the fire pot. Your grill's auger is controlled by the grill's temperature controller and will only move the amount of pellets necessary to raise and maintain the grill's heat to your desired cooking temperature. You never have to worry about managing fuel. Once in the fire pot, the wood pellets are ignited by a hot rod ignition module. These pellets, along with air provided by your grill's internal fan, will create all of the heat and smoke needed for delicious, tender smoked ribs or brisket.

  • Convective Heat

    While some brands of pellet grills may offer sear zones for grilling over direct heat, convective heat is the great unifier of all pellet grills and all smokers in general. A heat baffle and drip pan are located directly over the fire pot of every pellet grill and work as heat deflectors, protecting your meats from direct flame. These drip pans work in unison with one or more internal fans to spread the heat and smoke evenly throughout your grill, bathing your food in flavor. Drip pans further contribute to BBQ flavor by instantly vaporizing any drippings that fall from meat on the cooking grates. Pellet grills are truly the easiest way to get great BBQ.

Top Pellet Grill Brands

Pellet Grill Innovations: WiFi, Direct Sear, & Rotisseries

In the past few years, many advances have been made in the pellet grill industry. One of the most convenient changes has been the addition of WiFi connectivity in the latest generation of pellet grills. Several brands have created companion smart phone apps to go along with their grills, providing temperature monitoring and control in the palm of your hand! Another major breakthrough is the inclusion of a sear zone - a cooking grate located directly over the fire pot of the grill for searing steaks or getting a nice flame broiled char on burgers. Some of the newest models of pellet grills even have features traditionally only found in gas grills, like rotisseries or front-facing drip pans.

  • WiFi Enabled

    These grills connect directly to your home's WiFi network, allowing you to monitor and adjust the temperature of your pellet grill from your smart phone. As long as you have internet access, you can control your grill’s temperature settings.

    Starting at $339.00

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  • Sear Station

    Grills like the Memphis Pro pictured above have special attachments or accessories that allow you to grill directly over the fire pot of your pellet grill. Some brands like Camp Chef even offer full sear zone side burners on their pellet grills.

    Starting at $499.99

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  • Rotisseries & More

    Some pellet grill brands, like Broil King, offer rotisseries for the ultimate slow cooked, moist and tender BBQ. The Twin Eagles pellet grill goes a step further, with a 100LB capacity rotisserie, front load pellet hopper, and a touch screen control center.

    Starting at $1,199.00

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