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Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Gas Grills  (14 Items)

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grills

For over 75 years, Fire Magic grills have been proudly made in the USA. Fire Magic Echelon gas grills offer more than just classic grilling: you can sear, smoke, rotisserie, and use charcoal in the smoker basket. Fire Magic Diamond grills are constructed with durable 304 stainless steel for lasting quality. They’re equipped with 12V angled halogen lights, making nighttime grilling convenient. The Diamond grills have plenty of built-in rear storage to place your rotisserie kit and warming rack when not in use. Clean up is simple with the included grid lifter and drip pan collection system. You can even purchase your Fire Magic Diamond grill with an easy-to-read digital thermometer and meat probe.

Fire Magic’s top-of-the-line Echelon Diamond grill series offers innovative features such as:

  • Hot surface ignition is an integrated electronic ignition system. You simply push in the control knob to get the hot surface started, turn up the gas, and light your grill (110V electricity is required for the hot surface ignition).
  • Back-lit safety grill knobs eliminate the guesswork when grilling after dark.
  • The smoker basket gives you the chance to incorporate different wood-smoked flavors to your food.
  • The optional Magic View window allows you to monitor your food without lifting the lid and losing heat.

Fire Magic Echelon Grills: One of the most configurable grills around

There are a variety of options available in the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond gas grill series. Choose from:

  • Natural gas or propane
  • All infrared burners, or just one
  • Digital or analog thermometer
  • Grill sizes from 30” to 48”
  • Power burner or side burner (48” freestanding models)

These grills offer so much customization that the choices and options are virtually unlimited. It’s easy to find the perfect Echelon Diamond grill for your cooking needs.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond vs. Fire Magic Echelon Diamond (A Series)

The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grills are available in two collections: Echelon Diamond and Echelon Diamond (A Series).

  • The Echelon Diamond series is equipped with an easy to read 4-zone illuminated digital thermometer with meat probe. This lets you monitor the temperature of the food and the temperature of each cooking zone.
  • The Echelon Diamond A series has a simple to read analog thermometer, which is built into the hood of the grill.